Northern Lighthouse Keepers

The Northern Lighthouse Project is always on the lookout for Northern Lighthouse Keepers! If you have an interest in astronomy, aeronomy, solar dynamics, magnetic field research, space weather forecasting or aurora forecasting, sign up to become a Northern Lighthouse Keeper today!

To become a Northern Lighthouse Keeper, send us an e-mail that explains in 50 words or less why you are the perfect candidate to become a volunteer Northern Lighthouse Keeper in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories!

Successful candidates will receive aurora forecast training and will learn how operate a Northern Lighthouse. Preference will be given to Yellowknife students and teachers.


2016-2017 Northern Lighthouse Keepers:

Elijah Forget, Northern Frontier Visitors Association
Harald Wilson, Northland Utilities
Max Barter, Gallery of the Midnight Sun
Kevin Marcellus, Kingland Ford
Seiji Suzuki, Sushi North