AuroraMAX Live

SCIENCE IS BEAUTIFUL! Since 2009, observers across Canada and around the world have been watching auroras above Yellowknife using the AuroraMAX Online Observatory on the Canadian Space Agency website. AuroraMAX features Canada’s most popular aurora webcam, with a live in High DefinitionLow Definition and Standard from September until May. For skywatchers in Yellowknife, AuroraMAX has become a useful tool to monitor sky conditions and watch for signs of auroras before heading out on the Ingraham Trail for a night of photography.

SPOTLIGHT: The AuroraMAX Project

The AuroraMAX Project is a national outreach initiative that monitors the intensity and frequency of aurora borealis activity above Yellowknife in the years leading up to Solar Maximum, the peak of an 11-Year sunspot cycle that is currently expected in the fall of 2013.

The project was launched at a press conference in 2009 by the Canadian Space Agency, University of Calgary, Astronomy North and the City of Yellowknife and has provided an unprecedented opportunity for skywatchers of all ages to learn about the visible aurora above Yellowknife, located at an ideal 68 degrees magnetic latitude.

The project features a live feed from the AuroraMAX Observatory, an archive of AuroraMAX Replays, a colourful image gallery, and a robust social media portfolio, including an AuroraMAX Alert System via Twitter and a formidable Facebook page that invites photographers from across Canada to post their best auroras from the night before.